Question to think about?
1. What is happening?
2. How do you think he felt?

Week 11

Week 9

Here we are using art to show our understanding of the change of states of matter in a creative way.

Week 8


Week 6

Science Investigation
Will there be a different reaction if we used cream?

I believe the more fat the milk the stronger the reaction will be.

Equipment: items I will need to do my Experiment
- Food colouring (the different colours will make the reaction show clearly)
- milk
- cream
- a dish or plate with hollow centre
- dish washing liquid
- eye dropper

Method: How am I going to test my question?
1. Pour milk into the dish or plate.
2. Pour a tiny bit of food colouring in the milk. Make sure that the food colour is apart.
3. Put a tiny drop of food colouring. And see what happens to the food colouring............
4. Do the same experiment with cream.

What things I will change:
Type of Milk
What things I will keep the same:
Amount of food colouring
Amount of milk
Amount of dish washing liquid

Our prediction/hypothesis was incorrect. Probably the less milk the stronger reaction. The lite milk had a stronger reaction than the cream. However we don’t think it was very fair as cream is not milk, we should repeat with blue, green and another type of milk.

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Less fat reacts better with dish washing liquid than than high fat, or more dish washing liquid would be need if more fat.

Further Questions
- What would happen if we tested blue top, lite blue top and orange top milk?
- What will happen if we changed the temperature of the milk?
- If we changed the the type of dish washing liquid will our result change?

Week 5
WAL: that materials can change different ways when subjected to different processes

Experiment Station 1 (If you wish to plan and run your own investigation, see Mr Wood on Monday)
In pairs or small groups follow the experiment below.
Record your experiment (individually) on an Investigation Process sheet and glue into your science journal (Level 3).
Record your experiment (individually) in your science journal in your own way, including charts and thoughtful conclusion.

Station 2
Watch “Making water in the desert” video on wiki.
- record views on the Wallwisher below (make sure you leave your first name, as evidence).
a. How did the man get pure water from sea water?
b. What happened to the salt?

Watch "Solar Water Distiller" video here.

c. Compare and Contrast the two processes showed in the videos on the venn diagram below. Make your own copy, name it correctly and share with Mr Wood when you complete it.

IWB - extra activity

Buzz Groups
Station1: “Can you make water shrink or expand?”
- Experiment plan attached - IP templates
Roles: Leader - Scientist 1 - Scientist 2 - Assistant 2 - Recorder Station 2:
Station2: Types of Matter
1. What are the differences between solids, liquids and gases?
2. What solids, liquids and gases look like at the particle level?
3. Draw and label them in your journal.
You will need this pin number to view it: VLRBTC
external image jb1dSqiEOwx2_rZnUUNmvgjFzTKmcz6FfI8lkTFHv_eCafb8Rbrbq_I02ws8vzxACLBktcxhsan7-gm-WxaL3dqbJS9kpY8hgKXjHHtzwF7oeHkerNsa5Ummzq2Se85T

Station3: What experiments could you do to test the properties of solids, liquids and gases?
List your questions on our Question Wall

Early Finishers
- IWB Classify Matter (laptop)
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Other Mentos and Coke experiments.