Easi - Speak

What it is?

external image easi-speak-digital_large.jpg

- Easi-Speak is a audio recorder/player where you can record voice, music, sound, etc.

What do the different buttons do?

- The red button records, the green button plays, the two volume buttons make the voice louder or softer, the two arrow buttons fast forward or rewind and the flip button turns the easy speak on and off.


How does it works?

- Switch on the Easi-Speak by sliding the On- Off switch until an orange light appears.
- Then press and release the red record button


How to transfer recordings from Easi-Speak to computer to web.
- Take the cap off the USB Connector.
- Plug in the USB to your laptop or computer.
- Transfer your recordings to your desired position.
- Take the USB out and put the cap back on.