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Science Investigation
Investigate what changes you need to make to have the fastest boat. Here or get print out.
Record and present your investigation in your science journal.
Take photos for your wiki. Race on Friday.

Write a meaningful sentence for each of your next 10 spelling words.

Create a mind-map or brainstorm with everything you know about road safety.

Week 5 Homework

Week 4
Science Writing and Presenting
In class you did the Melting Moments experiment and gathered all your data on you Investigation Process graphic organiser.
Now you should present your results with a graph to the Level 4 standard. See the exemplar in class for an example.

Maths Problem Solving
a. Millee was selling cakes at the school cafe.
In the first hour she sold 20.
In the next hour she sold half the ones left.
The last 24 cakes took the rest of the day to sell.
How many cakes were there to start with?
b. Write your own problem.

1. What is Matariki?
2. Explain the tradition.
3. Draw and label the stars.
4. What do some other cultures call the Matariki star cluster?
5.Tell a summarised version of one of the Matariki Myths.
- either write a summery of the myth or draw an A4 poster for a movie about the myth (including problem and solution).
Matariki Stories


Add a word that is new to you into our Word Wall.

Can do, extra homework
- create a Google Presentation on Matariki.
- use ToonDoo or draw on blank A4 paper a comic that tells a maori myth.

Week 3 Homework

Week 2 Homework

Week 1 Homework