Acorn to Oak: growing leaders

a. Develop self-management, both physical and emotional.
b. Develop leadership qualities and community spirit by using the BRS HEART as a guide.


  1. What are stepping stones?
  2. What are the stepping stones for a young person to become a leader?
  3. Self-management physical and emotional (scale)
  4. Brainstorm community leaders - values - qualities
  5. Sports captains: what makes them good leaders? (poster activity)
  6. Re-introduce the HEART box.

Term 2
RESPECT by Room 13
- Judges: Katrina; Macane; Tayla; Camilla
Judging Criteria: 1 (poor) - 5 (good)




Amber and Tayla

Damon and John

Thunder and Macane

Phoenix and Robert


WALT: recognise and use respect in our everyday lives.
SC: we will create a digital video or a rap / song, or a cartoon that shows what respect looks like in school.

Mr Wood made this video showing the opposite of respect.
Now you make your "RESPECT" video, rap, or cartoon.

Looking for HEART

Teams also did role plays of situations where students are at different emotional levels, and how they coped with it.
Many students discovered they giggled when they got worried about people watching them act.
We thought as spectators we could help them by being an attentive audience.