WALT: use geometric shapes to draw cartoons

SC: we will create and illustrate a cartoon for our Year 1 buddies



Term 3 Grafitti and Stencil Art

Room 13 students stencil graffiti, can you tell what the message of each one is?

Then came Room 13

WAL: about stencil artists Blek le Rat and Banksy.
WALT: cut out and use simple stencils.
First came Blek le Rat
- Wikipedia
- Google Images

Then came Banksy
- Wikipedia
- Google Images
1. What are the similarities between these two artists?
2. What do you think the artists intend the viewers to think or feel?
3. What questions do you have about these artists?

Room 13 Graffiti

WALT: draw caricatures

Graffiti Creator website creates graffiti tags for you. (Thanks to Thunder)

Class brainstorm / discussion:
What is Tagging vs Bombing vs Graffiti?
Is graffiti art?

Whole class read the Graffiti WebQuest on IWB.
In twos or threes complete Part 1 of this Graffiti WebQuest.
Choose one artwork to discuss, bring it up full screen on your laptop.
Teacher to record each group with the Flipcam.

Cartoon Drawing

WALT: draw cartoon faces using simple shapes (use your Topic/Science books with the big blank pages)

1. Read the instructions below and practice drawing an oval and a square face.
2. Now draw another oval and a square face, but make it the opposite sex so you have a boy and girl.
3. Triangular head: now practice a triangle shape head. Locate the main features first. Use shading (tone) to add depth.
4. Draw a cartoon of one of your classmates.